Why It’s So Critical To Stage A Vacant Home

*People Don’t Buy Houses They Buy Homes

The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it feels like home.  It was warm, inviting and the buyer made an emotional connection with the home. When have you ever heard of an empty room described as warm and inviting? Sterile, cold and uninviting are the three most popular words to describe an empty room.


*Without Furniture There Is No Frame Of Reference

How big is the room? Without furniture it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room. When the buyer does not have answers to their questions-they walk away. What is this room for? Many times a buyer cant even tell if it’s the living room or dining room in an unfurnished home. Don’t keep them guessing, because it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase.


*When a Room is Kept Empty, Buyers Focus On Negative Details

Can you imagine a brand new Mustang without a paint job? Do you think people would notice the beautiful car or the missing paint? It’s so much easier to notice that crack in the wall, or the chip in the tile when there is nothing else to look at. Home Staging brings out the positive aspects of a home, while de-emphasizing negative in order to position a home that will make an emotional connection with buyers.


*Only 10% of Home buyers can actually Visualize the “Potential” of the Home

Nine out of every ten people walking in your home have no imagination of the fabulous possibilities your home has to offer them. They just can’t picture it. Don’t let a simple thing like no furniture or limited furniture ruin your sale. Don’t take those odds; don’t leave money on the table, they will hurt you in the price significantly!


*The “Cost of Vacancy” is Much More than the Cost of “Vacant Staging”

The average vacant home takes twice as long to sell than the occupied home. Selling investment properties, or moving before your old home has sold can create a hefty financial burden with months of carrying costs and maintenance. We can create a “show home” look on your budget, so call today for your customized vacant proposal!



3 thoughts on “Why It’s So Critical To Stage A Vacant Home

  1. Marita

    Hi Andrea,

    Definitely, staging a vacant home leaves an impression to the buyer. They see the potential of the rooms and the home in general. It adds beauty to the home per se.

    I’ve been to houses for sale and it really gives the impression to the buyer that this or that house is livable, warm and cosy.

    Nice article.


    1. Andrea McAtee

      Thank you Marita, I agree!

      1. You had a wonderful home to stage I enjoyed every minute, so excited that it sold so quickly! Best of luck to you!

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