Top 10: Home Staging Dont’s

So your getting your home ready to be put on the market, and have decided to stage it yourself.

Don’t let these top 10’s get in the way of that all important sale!

First off, make sure all your DIY projects are finished. Nothing turns away a buyer more than seeing undone home projects.

Don’t stuff everything in the closets. Potential buyers will look to see how much space is there. If you crammed unnecessary items into closets they will seem much smaller. Instead sell, donate, or put in storage for showings.

Don’t have too many locks on your front door. Buyer’s will surely think the neighborhood is sketchy, and turn the other way.

Don’t stay around during open house. Buyer’s won’t feel comfortable walking around looking at things they are interested in, making for a unsuccessful showing.

Don’t loose that potential buyer over your beloved pet. Take Fido with you. Yes your little dog may be friendly however, not everyone likes dogs. Take him to a friends house for a couple hours.

Don’t display collections. They interfere with how the buyer see’s your home. You want them to see your home, not your hobbies.

Don’t misuse your space. Bedrooms need to be bedrooms, not storage areas. Deck and patio areas needs to have outdoor seating, its not a space for toy storage. Use your space as it’s supposed to be.

Don’t leave up uncomfortable art or taxidermy. Sure you may think a portrait of a naked man is beautiful however, others won’t forget how uncomfortable they were walking in, and seeing it. Put up nice neutral landscape scenes or nothing at all. As the taxidermy goes, you may be proud of that buck you shot, but to a homebuyer they may be thinking I refuse to buy a house from a killer. You just don’t know who’s going to be walking through your front door, so just take it down for the time being, so it won’t even be an issue.

Don’t leave that mystery smell alone. You may need to shampoo carpets or perhaps replace that couch. Smells rate up there for turning off potential buyer’s. Don’t have this make them looking the other way.

And last, but surely not least of the home staging don’ts is, absolutely don’t skip the cleaning. This can’t be stressed enough. No one wants to walk into cobwebs or see fingerprints on walls. Take the kids to grandma’s for the weekend and clean, clean, clean.

Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Don’t let them leave thinking about all the dirt, and clutter.


What do you think is a big DON’T when it comes to home staging?

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