Staging Your Home During The Holiday’s

Your home is on the market, should you decorate for the holiday’s?

Selling your home during the holiday’s can be tricky however, anyone who is looking for a home during this season, is more than likely serious about buying.

Your home will be front and center, as the competition is usually very low in the winter months. It must be staged to impress!

So you may be asking yourself “should I put up Fall/Christmas decorations”?

The answer is YES, but only in small amounts.

Definitely don’t go overboard with your Scarecrow or Santa collection that being said, put up that Christmas tree, and decorate the fireplace mantel, just keep in mind less is more. You don’t want your prospective buyers to be overwhelmed with too many decorations, that that’s all they see.

Another great thing to keep in mind is scents. This can be a BIG one! Don’t plug in that Glade refill, and turn it all the way up. This can be very overwhelming to people just walking in the front door.

Instead, bake chocolate chip cookies, or brew a pot of coffee, these are light airy scents that don’t over-fill a room.

An essential oil and diffuser set is also a great option, these are easily adjustable scents, are natural, and very pleasing to most everyone.

In conclusion, I hope this gave you some good information on what to do, and what not to do, when selling your home during the holiday season.

Even though it may be the most stressful time of year, it also can be very rewarding, and headache free when done right.

Have you ever put your home on the market during a holiday???

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Take care, and happy staging!

2 thoughts on “Staging Your Home During The Holiday’s

  1. Manny

    Nice one, I never really thought about that! You know, if I sell my car I obviously make it look as nice as possible, right?

    So yeah, why not with the house as well. The nicer it looks, the more attracted will be.

    I would be absolutely turned down if the house smells intense, doesn´t matter what it is. Freshly baked cookies seems like a great idea here. What is the most important thing to stage properly you reckon?


    1. Andrea McAtee

      Yes, exactly as you hopefully would get a lot more out of your home, than your car. The most important room to stage in my opinion would be the kitchen. The phrase “heart of the home” comes to mind when I think of this room, and a lot of buyers will feel the same. If the kitchen isn’t up to par for an example; the counters are covered in small appliances, there are fingerprints on cabinets, whatever, buyers will quickly walk away. Take a look at my page on Home Staging: Room by Room, this will give you a run down how you should stage each room. You may be surprised how a little rearranging can change a whole room, and still make a BIG difference in a buyer’s eye.

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