Professional Home Staging vs. DIY Home Staging

Here are a few things to ask yourself, before you decide to stage your own home.

  • Do I have the time to stage my home?
  • Do I know what looks good to buyers?
  • Do I know what rooms to focus on?
  • Do I know how to depersonalize my home?
  • Am I able to look at my home as a product?
  • Do I know how to set up emotional connection points in every room?

Here are 5 reasons why you should professionally stage your home:

  1. Online Appeal: Over 98% of buyers look online when shopping for real estate. Whether they see your home will depend on photos. How many potential buyers are you missing?
  2. Control Buyers Eye: Professional home staging control’s the buyers eye when they view a home. This helps showcase features and benefits of the home while downplaying negatives.
  3. It Feels More Expensive: Homes that are professionally staged feel up to date because everything is perfectly in its place, and up to today’s trends. Buyers place more value on staged properties.
  4. Better Offers: Owners of staged properties appear more invested in their homes. Buyers are less likely to make a low offer. Faster sale times minimize price reductions saving thousands!
  5. Faster Sales: Statistics show that staged properties sell 78% faster than non-staged properties and for approximately 3% more. Reducing days on the market means less stress and more equity.

Selling a home and moving is stressful, rating right up there with death of a spouse, and divorce. Why give yourself that headache?

Start with getting a consultation, and go from there. If the costs are what’s holding you back, think of this; they are usually less than the first price reduction. Keep your equity, and professionally stage your home.

Staging is not new it has been around for decades. So if you decide to hire a professional or are doing it yourself the best buyers are usually your first showings, so don’t wait stage your home today!

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2 thoughts on “Professional Home Staging vs. DIY Home Staging

  1. Ed

    Hi Andrea,
    It may be some time before we sell our present home but eventually, that day will come. So, I read your article “Professional Home Staging vs DIY Home Staging” with interest.
    Your points are well taken, I think that staging by ourselves would be full of stress and not very successful. When the time comes we will definitely be looking for a professional.
    What should I look for when deciding who to hire for this very important job?
    Thanks for the advice.

    1. Andrea McAtee

      Hi Ed, glad you agree hiring a professional home stager is the way to go. When hiring a professional home stager, I would look at their credentials. They should have a portfolio with before and after photos, also look at reviews of previous clients that they have had. There also should be different price ranges to choose from, and should all start with a consultation first. Hope this helps in deciding on a home stager, even if it’s in the future, and thanks for the comment! Let me know if you have anymore questions. Take care!

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