Joy Ct. ~ Vacant Home Staging Project

This home sat vacant for six months, and sold in two day’s after being staged. Goes to show you when done right how successful home staging can be. Sterile, cold and uninviting are three most popular words to describe an empty room. Don’t leave the buyer feeling this way. Sell your vacant home faster, and for more. Call for a free phone consultation today! 402-587-0860










































2 thoughts on “Joy Ct. ~ Vacant Home Staging Project

  1. Cozad S.

    It was a very quick process, not long after we dropped off the check our house was staged and ready to go! Only took a couple days on the market after that. Great work, 10/10 would recommend.
    Aug 25, 2018

    1. You had a wonderful home to stage I enjoyed every minute, so excited that it sold so quickly! Best of luck to you!

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