Decluttering Your Home: Tips

The first thing you’ll want do when you begin to declutter your home is to start in one room then move to another. Trying to declutter your whole home at once can be very overwhelming, and you’ll be more likely to give up.

Call grandma to watch the kids, so you have no distractions, and more of a mess when you get done. Trust me I have four kids, I know cleaning with them around is like brushing your teeth while eating oreo’s.  🙂


This is the first place people see when they walk in, so why not start here. Once this room is organized, seeing it everyday will motivate you to keep going and move on to other rooms.

A lot of items can get overlooked in this area, things get stuffed in baskets, left on hooks, and forgotten about. Go through this room each season and weed out mis-matched mittens/gloves, etc. This will save you a headache in the future.

Look for anything no one has worn in a year (jackets, scarves, hats) and donate it, chances are you wont miss them.

Shoes accumulate in this area. Keeping just the shoes that go with the current season, or worn most of the time, will keep this room clutter free. Keep the other shoes that aren’t worn evey day in bedroom closets.

The out of season shoes, and other items, put in a tote container made to go under a bed. Its hidden away, but easy to get to when needed.

Adding shoe storage and cubbies with decorative baskets is a great way to add not only organization, but can bring out your personality as well.

Something that would be a lot of fun if you have kids is to let them pick out their own basket, they may just put their things in it without being asked, well it was a thought. 🙂


The main thing in this room would be, make sure you don’t over due furniture. The more furniture the less space it feels you have. The layout of the furniture can also make a big difference. Hiring a home stager for this is ideal and your space will feel much more spacious and functional.

Things that can clutter this room would be mail, newspapers, old magazines. A bin in a closet would be great for these items and when it’s full it can be taken to recycle. DVD’s and/or VHS tapes can very easily clutter a space. Go through them as weed out the ones you don’t or will never watch and put the rest in a basket next to the tv or hidden in a cabinet.

Toys and kid items can also be a big part of this room. With so many different types of decorative baskets out there, you are sure to find some that go with your décor, then be placed in a corner or back in their bedroom when need be.

This room is meant to be comfortable and a way to relax at the end of the day with your family. Picking up daily will leave you with a weekend of fun, rather than clutter left over from the week.


Start with the obvious, and clear the countertops. If you don’t use something on a daily basis, put it in an easy to get to space but, keep your counters as clear as possible. You’ll soon realize how spacious and more room you have when cooking, food prepping, etc.

Next kitchen drawers, working at one end of your kitchen, and moving toward the other. Things to get rid of would be any silverware you don’t use. I know, I used to have about five big spoons in a drawer, do I use them all in one day…ummm nope. Put all away except for 2, trust me you won’t miss the others. Save those for family get togethers like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or perhaps donate.

If you have any dishes and/or appliances you haven’t used in a year think about donating them, also. You’ll have so much more space for things you use everyday.

Oh that dreaded Tupperware drawer, make sure there’s a lid to every container, if not throw it out.

Towels and washcloths, if you can see through them, toss them. If you need to buy some new ones put this on your grocery list, along with needed Tupperware if need be.

Cleaning supplies getting out of control under the sink? Hang a tension rod and place the handles over the rod, then you will have more room underneath for rags. If there are cleaning supplies you don’t use, of course through them out.

Have nice pots and pans? Hang them on hooks on a wall or ceiling, this will add more space in your cabinets.

Clean out your refrigerator before your weekly grocery trip. This ensures things that need to be thrown out don’t end up at the back of your refrigerator for another week, leading to unwanted smells.

Refrigerator magnets can make things look a lot more cluttered than they really are, from letters to souvenirs there always seems to be more than we need, not to mention the papers and photos that collect with them. Go through these weekly making sure old and not used are tossed.

Creating your own chalk board wall will definitely add some organization. Draw up a chore chart for your kids, they surely wont forget them then. 🙂  You can put your grocery list on this wall, family members can write on the board things that got used up, and things they need/want.

Take a picture of the list with your phone, this will ensure you won’t forget anything, saving you a second trip to the store.

Use the board also as a calendar for those all important meetings, practices, appointments, etc. A great way to keep your family organized and less crazy at the end of the day, and costs less than $20.

Definitely a project well worth it, and only takes a few hours.


Organizing bedroom clutter. Set time away for a whole weekend with this one, as it’s more than likely gonna take some time.
Start by looking at the room, is there too much furniture? Do I need to have a king size bed? Can I go down to a queen? Can I move around easily without bumping into things?

Creating a spacious master bedroom is good for the soul; letting your worries fade away at night and being refreshed in the morning to a clutter free room, is an awesome way to start and end the day.

So beginning with the closet take out all clothes/shoes. Before even trying them on; anything that you know doesn’t fit, or is out of style, or hasn’t been worn in 2 years, donate it.

Everything else try on. If you say to yourself “I would buy this article of clothing again”, hang it back up, if not, donate it.

One tip that has always helped me is put your clothes in order by season, winter on one side and summer on the other. Makes for much better mornings when deciding what to wear.

Next, dresser drawers. Use the same concept as with the closet. And in no time your master bedroom will fill lighter and look brand new.

And perhaps now you have an excuse to go shopping to refreshin’ your wardrobe. As if you needed an excuse. 🙂

Take a look at your bedding, when was the last time you bought new? If its been a couple years you may want to buy new, it will totally transform the look and feel of the room. Don’t have any idea what to buy? Look for a ‘bed in a bag’ this takes the guess work out of what you need and can be found at most department stores. Also choosing a neutral color is ideal cause it goes with any paint color.

It’s also important to hang clothes up and put in drawers when clean. Clothes can definitely accumulate on chairs and end of beds quickly. So doing this daily will ensure a clutter free bedroom.

Night tables can be an easy spot to just dump things. Make it a habit to only have a lamp and maybe a picture frame or clock on these items. As we don’t want to wake up to more clutter.


The bathroom is a fun area to get organized, (yes I said fun) there are lots of cute storage baskets out there ranging in a lot of different sizes, textures and shapes.

These are great for washcloths, shampoos, makeup, pretty much anything.

Decorative hooks for things like curling irons and blow dryers also add organization, plus easy to get to for everyday use. If you don’t have storage under your vanity, open shelving is very popular right now.

Adding some above the toilet or perhaps on each side of the mirror will increase your storage space considerably.

Throwing out or donating anything that hasn’t been used in a year, again is always a good idea especially when clutter is getting in the way.

Old towels can be cut up and used as rags. Old coat racks can be used as a place to hang towels.

There truly are endless ways to organize even the smallest of bathrooms.

Once you get it all organized and decluttered, buy some new candles and super soft bath towels and rugs, make this room an oasis for you at end the day, you won’t be sorry you did.

Hope this left you motivated to start decluttering today. Even if you do just one or two of these a month, your on your way to a more stress free life, and home.


What is YOUR best decluttering tip?

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Take care and happy decluttering!

8 thoughts on “Decluttering Your Home: Tips

  1. Jamie Greenhalgh

    This is a really interesting read, I’m glad I came across it.

    I really am terrible at decluttering my home, the more I seem to try the more unorganised I seem to get.

    There is some really useful information and tips here which will definitely make it easier for me going forward.

    Many Thanks

    1. admin

      Thanks Jamie, glad you liked it.

  2. Simon

    This is a great decluttering article, I have picked up so many tips reading and looking at the images. The baskets in the hall within the display hide so much junk yet look so neat, given us an idea to make our rooms look more inviting, thanks. Out of sight – Out of mind works wonders.

    You are right regarding not over cluttering furniture in rooms, we too have had a right clear-out this last year and made more space, we can breathe & walk around at ease. We chucked away all those old video cassettes too, why do we keep these when we have no equipment to play them? Barmy!

    We dragged everything we didn’t require into the garage, like you say, do one room at a time, it’s amazing how much is sorted in a few months. We then visited the local charity shop to recycle our unwanted items, they were delighted and offered to pick the lot up.
    Garage is now clear, next year we’re going to tackle the loft. Organised hey!

    1. admin

      Hi Simon, thanks for the review and glad your liked it. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we collect over the years. Yes, it may take awhile to get rid of the things we don’t need or use anymore but definitely is good for our minds and our home. Thanks again, take care!

  3. Hello Andrea,

    I really like your website. It is bright, clean and appealing. It attracts people to want to be here. I read your various different categories on home decorating, and the information is priceless. I appreciate how the language is broken down to easy to read and understand language, that makes perfect sense. I have learned so much already and I am excited to see how your site moves forward. So nice.

    Thank you,


    1. admin

      What great comments, thanks so much Deneen! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post, as well as learning something also. Decluttering, and organizing shouldn’t be a drag, it should be a way of life as you feel so much better when it’s all done. Thanks again, happy decluttering and take care! 🙂

  4. Hi, Andrea. Great tips and beautiful pictures! Especially I love the tip to focus on a room only at a moment. Thank you.

    1. admin

      Thank you, Melani greatly appreciate it!

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